“we do not follow seasons or prevailing trends”

Catherine Mary Winkler


  • CC Shoes are made in the Veneto region of Italy to our own unique specifications. However, our team has received advice from specialists in Austria and Arabia, which combined with the consumer experience of the creative director have resulted in an altogether superior product.
  • What sets us apart is the time spent in development and testing among other things such as the choice of materials and attention to detail. This is not your usual platitude… A whole collection of samples was discarded because the production simply was not up to our standards. At CC Shoes, we do not follow seasons or prevailing trends. If you are in business to serve the world, it’s all seasons all the time and the trend is elegance and fitness of purpose not some flash in the pan fad.
  • CC Shoes are looking for Brand Ambassadors from our client base. This makes much more sense than using celebrity brand ambassadors. Could you be one of our ambassadors? With every new product extensive tests have to be done to understand how to better serve you. We can improve by getting you involved. The focus is on our clients, our people, our tribe, and how to improve our products and services to keep you in your heels looking wonderfully sexy and pain free. CC Shoes are of course a breath of fresh air here to change the mentality that sexy high-heeled shoes mean pain and discomfort. Can you help to change this mentality and usher in really luxurious heels? To participate please click below. Thank you.

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