comfortable shoes do not have to look like Frankenstein shoes with no sex appeal

By Catherine Mary Winkler

CC Lifestyle have decided to use real women of all works of life as Brand Ambassadors. CC Lifestyle are breaking away from gifting to celebs and going directly to the women we are out here to serve.

To become a Brand Ambassador you must fulfill the following:

  1. You must adore seriously high-heeled shoes.
  1. You must accept the idea that comfortable shoes do not have to look like Frankenstein shoes with now sex appeal. On the contrary, comfortable shoes are the epitome of glam.
  1. You agree that pain is not inherent in high-heeled shoes, as you have experienced that not all flat shoes are comfortable either. Therefore, comfort is determined not only by their heel-height but a lot of other intangibles.
  1. You must understand that the health of your feet in your shoes can affect the health of your whole body system. You therefore understand the importance of wearing good shoes.
  1. You must be willing to devote a bit of your time to answering questions, taking part in our surveys, and engaging in the conversation about stopping painful shoes.
  1. You must have made the transition out of conspicuous consumption into the world of real luxury (this of course means that while we all adore established brands for their contribution to beauty and high aesthetics, we do not have to have them if the result is pain, discomfort or even deformity).
  1. You must be a registered member of this site.
  1. You must own at least 2 pairs of CC Shoes.
  1. You must have garnered special experiences that will enable you to provide us with information that will ultimately improve customer satisfaction.
  1. Please send us two short videos of yourself striding out in high-heeled CC Shoes. By sending us these videos, you agree that they may be published on our website.

If you are chosen as a Brand Ambassador and you carry out your task well you will be reimbursed to full purchase price of a pair of shoes.

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