How I Came About Creating Shoes That Combine Elegance, Sexiness and Comfort

“How do you walk in those shoes?”

The story of CC shoes started with my drive to make my own high-heeled shoes comfortable, so I can be elegant and pain free. I met Ibrahim, a professional shoemaker from Syria, and he helped me to alter my shoes. The result was that I would run around in decent, seriously high heels all day.

Then things started happening. People would stop me in the streets and ask, “How do you walk in those shoes?” Or “I own a pair of those boots, but I’ve never been able to wear them, not even once!” “How can you walk in these boots?” On one occasion in London, Japanese tourists got off the bus and chased after me to enquire about the boots I was wearing. I had had them altered of course… by Ibrahim.

I answer these question sometimes by simple explanation, but oftentimes I would have to take off my shoes to show what is inside or what I have had done. And then they would say, “Oh! I didn’t even know that shoes could be altered!”

“You should publish this information in a blog! Women are crying out for solutions! We need to know this!” And so it came to be that I set myself a very ambitious challenge to use my consumer experience to create CC shoes combining elegance, sexiness and comfort.

We are defying some of the big names in the industry by showing that pain and discomfort are not necessarily inherent in the nature of high-heeled shoes. 

At CC Shoes we do things differently.

  • We stop the “flow” of the foot towards the narrow restricted front part of the shoe.
  • We build in the appropriate support including arch support to ensure that your feet are completely rested.
  • We offer wriggle room for your toes to prevent prolonged misplaced pressure.
  • We create flexibility in the brand by offering interchangeable uppers. This allows users to be creative.
  • We pay close attention to the true meaning of luxury which is extreme comfort and extravagance.
  • We pamper your feet while maintaining elegance and sexiness.

CC Shoes are for you if you feel that you are enough as you are, proud of your sense of style and unwilling to compromise beauty for comfort, if you want to look your best in every situation, without the pain and misery of shoes that hurt. CC Shoes are your best investment because they are beautiful, and stylish, AND your feet will love them! They are comfortable, elegant and sexy all at once!

Catherine Mary Winkler

Catherine grew up in a creative household. Her father was a trained tailor who made his own suits. Her mother owned and ran a dressmaking and hairdressing business and Catherine by virtue of being present picked up a number of skills. By the age of 17, she was making her own clothes, and her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to make and design one off pieces for her friends in exchange for a small fee. To feed her passion for fashion, Catherine attended summer courses at Central Saint Martin’s and also earned a degree in English and linguistics. She later acquired a Masters degree in TESOL from Manchester University. Her dream was to travel the world which lead her to Kuwait. Here she was exposed to a very wide selection of luxury fashion brands. As a teacher at Kuwait University, her job requires that she be on her feet for many hours a day, so her quest for comfortable shoes was on. Deliverance came when she met Ibrahim whilst trying to find someone to mend her briefcase. As a trained shoemaker, he agreed to help Catherine make her existing shoes more comfortable by building in arch support. She was delighted with the results, which lead her to believe that fabulous shoes do not need to be uncomfortable. Catherine is the Creative Director of CC Lifestyle, and it is her consumer experience that has enabled her to create such a unique brand.

Christian Winkler

Behind every successful woman there is a man. Christian gave up a flourishing career as an officer in the Austrian Armed Forces to live with his wife in Kuwait. Chris then trained as a financial consultant and analyst and worked with some financial institutions in Kuwait. Together they have built CC Lifestyle, which was initially set up as a financial brokerage headed by Chris. The company is now diversifying into fashion thanks to Chris’ support. When Catherine brought up the idea of producing comfortable shoes, he did not hesitate although both of them knew little about shoe making. Chris is the Financial Director of the company and the man that makes things happen. Chris’ wide range of interests includes beekeeping, photography, biking and driving classic cars. He especially likes his classic Series 1 and 2 land rovers that he drives in all weathers.